In order to obtain the best traditional Italian ice cream, which is very soft and creamy, a few essential elements are required: totally fresh, controlled, and high-quality raw materials, as well as skills and knowledge of these materials and of the production process in order to handle them as correctly as possible and, finally, technology, which is essential to ensure compliance with the cold chain.

Samaref proposes up-right freezer cabinets for the perfect ice-cream preservation preservation after the creaming process. With high capacity cabinets – from 54 to 70 trays – Samaref successfully meets the needs of the modern ice cream-making sector.

All the appliances of the Gelato line are equipped with an air conveyor to make sure the cold reaches all corners inside the compartment, even when fully loaded. The motor, provided with hot gas defosting, ensures maximum power and reliability, as well as energy savings. The end result is an ice cream that meets high-quality criteria in terms of hygiene and organoleptic features.