Pastry and Bakery

Pastry is an art and pastry chefs are those who work skillfully and expertly using top-quality ingredients to prepare sublime gourmet creations.

To achieve this, pastry chefs need to use not only exceptional raw materials but also tools that are able to enhance their creativity and guaranteeing meantime excellent performance, durability and reliability.

Samaref offers a wide range of appliances for the pastry sector, which meet the needs of the most demanding master pastry chefs, assisting them in their activities and in the work of laboratory staff.

The Delizia line was created for this purpose: to combine these features, together with the robustness of its equipment made in 304 stainless steel and a series of measures aimed at ensuring the freshness of raw materials and products. These are so delicate that they also need an air flow that is strictly enveloping and uniform, as well as controlled humidity inside the refrigerated compartment.

The line of retarder prover cabinets meets the demands of pastry shops and bakeries who want to better organize their business by optimizing the processing times and reducing night work.