— Ergon product line

ER 12V
ER 18V
ER 21V
ER 24V

Efficiency, quality
and saving

Get the maximum from your ice cream business by organising your production with Ergon.

Ice cream temperature from -8°C to -14°C in just 5 minutes

The quality of the ice-cream passes
through the quality of the cold

Ease of use and great power allow, in record time, the hardening of the ice cream and the freezing of cakes or seasonal fruits. Optimal yield is guaranteed even in extreme weather conditions.

  • -42°C
  • Air circulation

Maximum reliability
designed to last

All the condensing units are designed to ensure maximum reliability and durability over time, that’s why Samaref chooses only compressors produced by leading refrigeration companies and strictly high-quality components.

  • Semihermetic tropicalized
    three-phase compressor
  • Cataphoresis-treated
  • Available with water
    condensation system
  • Guaranteed performance 
    +43°C room temperature

Display touch 5”

Simple and intuitive multi-language graphic interface.

  • Up to 99 customizable
  • Ice cream
    hardening cycle
  • List of favorite
  • Haccp alarms


Technical details that
make the difference.

  • Easy cleaning

    Inspectable cataphoresis-treated evaporator

  • Double grip handle

    Samaref design for maximum comfort

  • 3 points core probe

    Perfect temperature and easy extraction from the frozen food

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Technical details