The new trend

Meat maturation is building up a new culinary experience. The aging process that allows enzymes to effect meat tissues and make it an exquisite and tasty food, is becoming an increasingly widespread culinary trend. Habits and tastes change: people use to eat less meat, but of higher quality.


Seasoning is an extremely delicate process that strongly effects the product consistency, aroma and flavor. Seasoning secrets, handed down over the centuries, are renovated with Samaref to enjoy old time flavors.

A suitable solution
for every process

Deluxe Meat is designed for restaurants, butcher shops and steak houses that are looking for a high-quality meat dry-ageing. Stagionatura cabinets are conceived for those who use local products like farmhouses, craft laboratories and "norcinerie".

— Refrigerated cabinets

Deluxe Meat

— Seasoner cabinets


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